Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With Sailor Eyes that Shine the Moon

In a little town
I found a girl
with sailor eyes that shine the moon
Her wet lips enchanted me
to cross the ocean down
the avenue.

Hug me, Kiss me, Embrace me
For I am all yours
I told the girl
with her sailor eyes that shine the moon

She took me down
down down deep into the water
We hit the ground
Where we went under
A spell was cast
A frown left vast
In a place with no time
no worries, no excistance

Hug me, Kiss me, Embrace me
For I am all yours
I told the girl
with her sailor eyes that shine the moon

Those were the easy days
Where no boundaries layed
The streets were bare
The trees were shared
By only us two
We were free to live
to laugh
to breathe each other's breath

And so I told her
Hug me, Kiss me, Embrace me,
for I will forever be yours
You who has thou enchanted me
with your sailor eyes which shine the moon.

And as time passed by
the girl I found
in that little town
will always be in my heart
and as hours pass
and our lives progress
She will forever hold my breath
She has taken
with her sailor eyes that shine the moon

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, and This One's For Capricorn.... Just Because...

Sexual Style: These guys may seem like workaholics, but once you lure one into the bedroom, he'll show you that he plays just as hard. "The Capricorn is one of the most passionate signs, and nobody knows it," says Vega. Since the Capricorn lover is dependable, ambitious and responsible, he often sublimates his sexual desire. But underneath that professional exterior, he's ready for action. When he warms up, he's affectionate, straightforward and dedicated to pleasure. Bonus: He's got major endurance.
Sexually Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Turn-ons: Capricorns are attracted to smart, accomplished people who are willing to make the first move and have the patience to lure them away from work with sexy clothes, a romantic meal and sensual distractions. They love making dates and planning "sex nights" in advance.
Turn-offs: Spontaneity and weirdos. The goat doesn't like whimsical romps that interrupt his packed schedule any more than he likes getting busy with a person he considers unsuitable in the grand scheme of his life.

My love and Sexual Forcast according to my sign

Sexual Style: This lover is a chameleon, able to shift his style according to your needs and desires. "They're physically magical," says Vega. "They're emotional, not intellectual." A Piscean sweetheart lacks practicality -- that, combined with their loving natures, enthusiasm for all things carnal and natural empathy makes them talented at pleasing others and accepting pleasure. What's naughty to another sign just seems like fun for the fish, and they approach bedroom romps with an open mind and an open heart, always expecting your time together to be fantastic.
Sexually Compatible Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Turn-ons: When you're happy, he's happy, so make sure to show your appreciation. Since they're dreamers, Pisces are often turned on by fantasy games, so get out that cheerleading costume and start stretching.
Turn-offs: Don't play it cool with your Pisces, or he'll lose his libido. A Piscean partner needs to get a response in the sack.

Monday, August 10, 2009

one bored night...

Okay, so tonight I'm kinda bored. I decided to watch a lezi chick flick.
So I looked some up and found one called "Show Me Love". It's taken
in some European country, and it's between some teenage chicks.
It was pretty good, except I absolutely hate Elin for sleeping with some
guy cause she was afraid of getting caught for being gay. SERIOUSLY, no
one needs to sleep with some dude to prove your not gay, but anyways...
I clicked on other sites after the movie, and realized DANG! there are soo
many gay flicks out there! I watched the previews, and like always, they
make a huge deal of some peeps cuz they're gay. It's getting old. Nowadays,
gays are everywhere, and if gay marriage isn't out there yet, well it's cause
we're filled with a lot of old school homophobes. What really made me laugh
is this one preview to this movie called "It's In the Water". The preview has
all these old rich people. This one married lady turns out to be gay, and she
blames it on the water she drinks!! (at least that's what I understood from
the trailer) Gosh, what has this world come to?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Piano as a Sport?

I went to West Palm Beach this weekend, and took pictures of my dad and his grandchildren. In this picture there's Christina and Victoria next to him. They're so cute.
I hanged out with my sister, her boyfriend, my brother, his wife, and they're little girl, my older sister, her husband, and these cute girls. We mostly talked, and watched Joe Dirt which is sooo hilarious. I love that movie.
It's so funny cause Vicky tells me, "hey, give me a dollar." so she could play in the arcade at Duffy's. So I give her a dollar, she changes it for quarters and tells me, "Here, take two." and then turns around, takes it from me and says, "Nevermind, I want to get candy." She is soo funny. I was like, "wow."
They're really cool cause they refer to playing piano as a sport. I play piano, and I never really thought of it that way. So when they asked me what kinda sport i like, i said i didnt have one, but then i changed my mind to piano. I love playing piano. =]

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Leaf

Some things are better left unsaid.
But at the same time, it's good to let it out.
I'm gonna turn a new leaf.
I'm gonna throw away all my worries, all
my old used papers, and flow with my
It's gonna be difficult, I know, but with
the support of my loved ones, I'll be free.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This drawing represents the energy in my hands, and how I can concentrate it all to one part of me.
It flows energy in and out, and it pulls energy with it as well. It's the forever flow of energy within us, and our universe.