Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, and This One's For Capricorn.... Just Because...

Sexual Style: These guys may seem like workaholics, but once you lure one into the bedroom, he'll show you that he plays just as hard. "The Capricorn is one of the most passionate signs, and nobody knows it," says Vega. Since the Capricorn lover is dependable, ambitious and responsible, he often sublimates his sexual desire. But underneath that professional exterior, he's ready for action. When he warms up, he's affectionate, straightforward and dedicated to pleasure. Bonus: He's got major endurance.
Sexually Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Turn-ons: Capricorns are attracted to smart, accomplished people who are willing to make the first move and have the patience to lure them away from work with sexy clothes, a romantic meal and sensual distractions. They love making dates and planning "sex nights" in advance.
Turn-offs: Spontaneity and weirdos. The goat doesn't like whimsical romps that interrupt his packed schedule any more than he likes getting busy with a person he considers unsuitable in the grand scheme of his life.

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