Monday, August 10, 2009

one bored night...

Okay, so tonight I'm kinda bored. I decided to watch a lezi chick flick.
So I looked some up and found one called "Show Me Love". It's taken
in some European country, and it's between some teenage chicks.
It was pretty good, except I absolutely hate Elin for sleeping with some
guy cause she was afraid of getting caught for being gay. SERIOUSLY, no
one needs to sleep with some dude to prove your not gay, but anyways...
I clicked on other sites after the movie, and realized DANG! there are soo
many gay flicks out there! I watched the previews, and like always, they
make a huge deal of some peeps cuz they're gay. It's getting old. Nowadays,
gays are everywhere, and if gay marriage isn't out there yet, well it's cause
we're filled with a lot of old school homophobes. What really made me laugh
is this one preview to this movie called "It's In the Water". The preview has
all these old rich people. This one married lady turns out to be gay, and she
blames it on the water she drinks!! (at least that's what I understood from
the trailer) Gosh, what has this world come to?

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