Sunday, August 9, 2009

Piano as a Sport?

I went to West Palm Beach this weekend, and took pictures of my dad and his grandchildren. In this picture there's Christina and Victoria next to him. They're so cute.
I hanged out with my sister, her boyfriend, my brother, his wife, and they're little girl, my older sister, her husband, and these cute girls. We mostly talked, and watched Joe Dirt which is sooo hilarious. I love that movie.
It's so funny cause Vicky tells me, "hey, give me a dollar." so she could play in the arcade at Duffy's. So I give her a dollar, she changes it for quarters and tells me, "Here, take two." and then turns around, takes it from me and says, "Nevermind, I want to get candy." She is soo funny. I was like, "wow."
They're really cool cause they refer to playing piano as a sport. I play piano, and I never really thought of it that way. So when they asked me what kinda sport i like, i said i didnt have one, but then i changed my mind to piano. I love playing piano. =]


  1. Crafting is totally a sport, right? Did they say anything about that?!

    Haha, glad to hear you had fun.

  2. Oh, that sounds like it was fun! :)

    And please do follow my blog. It would make my day.